Monday, August 18, 2008

Popular Tourist Destination Waikiki

Waikiki is a neighborhood of Honolulu on the south shore of Oahu, Hawaii. When one talks about Waikiki Beach, he/she is referring to the shoreline that fronts Waikiki and this area is actually one of the best known beaches in the world and a highly popular tourist destination. If you are planning a vacation here be sure to book in advance to be sure of your spot, especially during Summer months.

Waikiki has been a location perfect for relaxation for a long time. It was a well known retreat area for Hawaiian royalty in the 1800s and is even more popular today. To make it even more special, the beach and neighborhood are considered to be the main tourist industry area in Hawaii. It comes with a combination of historic hotels (for instance the Royal Hawaiian Hotel or the Moana Surfrider Hotel) and luxury hotel-resorts (for instance the Halekulani hotel or the Hilton Hawaiian Village).

Talking strictly about Waikiki Beach you will need to know that the dormant volcano Diamond Head makes up for the most special views in the area. Because of it we are dealing with a warm and mostly cloud free climate. One thing you probably did not know is that the tourist beach is actually quite short and half marked for surfing purposes. The waves can also come with a lot of force, especially when the wind is blowing and there are rocks at the bottom of the water, even if it is shallow for a long distance. Surfing is a high attraction in the area and this place is even perfect for beginners and tandem surfing because of the long rolling break brought to the table. A lot of events are hosted each year here, including outdoor performances, canoe races, hula dancing and surf competitions.

As time passed Waikiki beach was no stranger to problems caused by erosion. This even led to sand being imported from California. The good news is that now everything is perfect and erosion is no longer a problem for tourists, as some might think.

Ever since 2001 Waikiki hosted a special event called "Sunset on the Beach". This is basically a special stage that allows tourists from around the world to view a movie outdoors on a 30 foot screen. Combine this with the many public places you will want to visit in the area like: Ali Wai Harbor, Fort de Russy Military Reservation and Kapiolani Park and you will see why this neighborhood of Honolulu is so popular among tourists.