Monday, August 18, 2008

Recommended Beach Vacation Spots

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose where to go for a memorable beach vacation. There are so many places to think about that we thought of recommending some that might be special for various reasons.


Hawaii needs to be included in any tourist destination recommendation list one can create. The island of Hawaii is perfect for relaxing on the beach, playing golf, swimming in the ocean or even going through special spa treatments. To make it even better, Hawaii does come to the table with some of the best weather in the world. That makes it perfect for a beach vacation.


Oahu Beach Vacations can be memorable and they actually are in most cases. Get ready to be treated like never before at the Kahala Mandarin Oriental and make sure that you visit the spa, swim with the dolphins or even take scuba diving classes. The Oahu resort is located just a quarter of an hour away from Waikiki Beach and Honolulu.


Georgia is a perfect spot for a Beach vacation and golf. With this in mind do not miss the Cloister at Sea Island, one club that gives you 54 holes of championship golf combined with sandy beaches and a lot of possible activities. We will get back to this resort later in a future post.

Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are well known for sandy beaches and blue waters. We recommend the St. Thomas and Ritz Carlton resorts. They have the best quality when talking about luxury hotels in Virgin Islands.


Jamaica needs to be listed here as it comes with some of the most special scenery and unique rooms in the Caribbean. Add incredible beaches, gourmet cuisine and The Caves resort and you will not have any doubt that you made the right choice.

South Beach, Florida

The list would not be a list without South Beach Florida. Not much to be said about it that you did not hear about already. Make sure you learn When to Visit Florida and all will be perfect here as well, making a wonderful beach vacation.