Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Visiting Frederiksberg - Denmark

When mentioning Frederiksberg we are talking about a municipality of Denmark that is situated on the island of Zeeland. It covers a space of 9 sq km and has a population that is currently higher than 91 thousand inhabitants. Frederiksberg is actually one part of Copenhagen and it is a highly modern residential area. That is why it can give a lot to tourists that decide to visit the region.

There are a lot of travel agencies that include this municipality in their tours due to many reasons. For instance, here we can find a lot of parks and various facilities that make up for a perfect relaxing setting. Also, historically speaking there are sites to be visited even if most areas are quite new. Talking strictly about tourist attractions the most popular one is considered to be Frederiksberg Have. It is a garden that was built by Frederik the 4th and was inspired by the Italian gardens of the time. Tourists will find Chinese elements combined with a Baroque style, all combined with a very rich bird life, all summing up into a location that draws thousands of tourists yearly.

Once in Frederiksberg we recommend that you also visit the Royal Havaselskab Garden, which was built in 1884. We are talking about one of the most beautiful parks that Copenhagen has to offer. Here you will find a lot of exotic flowers, bushes and rare trees, not to mention having the possibility to attend one of the many classical and Jazz concerts during summer.

If one is traveling with the family he should go for a visit at the Copenhagen Zoo, which is located in Frederiksberg. This is actually the largest such garden on the continent and was founded in 1859 as an element of Frederiksberg Have. We can even visit a Children’s Zoo that holds over 2.5 thousand animals from all around the world with variety in mind that takes kids from butterflies to rare birds. You could also visit a lot of other popular tourist attraction sites like the Book Forum, Frederiksberg Slot, Bakkehuset or the Royal Copenhagen Antiques.