Thursday, August 21, 2008

Travel Insurance - Getting One or Not?

The whole topic of travel insurance, be it medical travel insurance, foreign travel insurance, health travel insurance or basically any type of insurance for traveling is controversial and does create a debate. The truth is always somewhere in the middle and as you can imagine, so is the case here. We need to think about the topic from two main point of views.

First let us discuss the perspective of the one that sells you the travel insurance. Let us face the truth! In most cases travel insurance is useless because nothing happens. This basically means that the travel agent will get some extra benefits, usually money, from you getting insurance for travel. Also, many problems can be avoided if your client has travel insurance. This depends on the type of insurance, of course.

Now strictly thinking about the tourist, you might think that travel insurance is simply useless because you are basically losing money on this operation. This is NOT true because you never know what might happen and it is always better to be safe than sorry. It is true that sometimes you pay in vain for coverage that would not help you at all. That is why your job is to do research before you go on your trip. There are so many different types of travel insurance that you might want to choose the one that is best for you, right? For instance, one travel agent might offer you the option of choosing between a health travel insurance, a damage travel insurance, a complete travel insurance or a simple foreign travel insurance. In such a situation individuals usually choose the one travel insurance that best fits their pockets, without really looking at what is covered. There have been many situations in which accidents happened and the damage was not covered because the tourist was not insured for that particular type of incident.

With all this in mind, our recommendation is for you to take a close look at the travel insurance you will purchase. Read everything, including the fine print and ALWAYS get travel insurance when you want to go on your holiday. It is not money lost and it is something that needs to be purchased, besides tickets and everything else.