Sunday, June 29, 2008

Glasgow Attractions

When talking about Scotland tourist destinations Glasgow is among the locations that are most visited. Since this is case you might want to know what makes this city so special. The truth is that visiting Glasgow is a very enjoyable experience and so many places of interest that you might want to spend more than 24 hours just to be able to have a chance at visiting everything. Let us take a quick look at the most appreciated spots for tourists.

First off, we need to mention the Glasgow Cathedral. It was built around the 13th and 15th centuries and is actually the only authentic cathedral from that era that still exists today. We are talking about a gothic style, a superb architectural masterpiece that you need to discover on your trip of Glasgow. After this experience you will also need to consider The Lighthouse. This is a national center for design and architecture and was once the office for the Glasgow Herald. You will find galleries, cafes, shopping and more if you want to visit it. Take a stroll and enter the Gallery of Modern Art, one of the most well known modern art galleries in the entire UK. We would also want to recommend the Glasgow Tower. This is the first tower ever built that was round a full circle and not just its top. If you go to the top of the platform you will be able to see for a distance of around 40 miles, quite a breathtaking view.

There are a lot more tourist attractions in Glasgow but you will probably also want to know what you can do in the city since sightseeing is not the only element that is needed to have a perfect vacation. Thus you will want to visit the Merchant City Area in town as you will find here a lot of types of shops and you will be able to purchase almost anything you would want form antiques to clothes. Clubs might also be of interest for you. We recommend trying the Sun Club, The Arches and The Garage. Each are unique and highly popular clubs in Glasgow. We are in Scotland so you will also want to check out some pubs. There is quite a huge variety of them here, for every preferences possible with live music or not.

To put it simple, you can have a lot of fun in Glasgow and no matter what your temperament is and what you like, you will surely enjoy yourself in the city.