Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to Plan a Visit in Newport News - Virginia

Although Newport News, Virginia is not usually on travel lists, there are some places that you might want to visit if you are in the area. One thing that is sometimes overlooked is that the town is located quite close to a lot of very popular tourist sites like Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown or Virginia Beach. Even Newport News has some places worth visiting including some high quality historical museums and the closeness to its sister city, Hampton, is not to be neglected as Hampton does house several museums of its own and NASA, of course. Let us think about how you should plan a visit to Newport News!

First off you need to start planning your trip by thinking about your interests. You should draw up a list of places to visit that could include sport sites, entertainment, historical sites and/or museums. After you make this list you should go to the official Newport News tourism website (located HERE) and start doing your research. Take a look at the hours and days of operation of the sites you intend on visiting and analyze the costs that arise with eventual admission costs and housing so that your budget is planned as well.

If you want to go for historical sites and museums we recommend that you consider The Victory Arch, James A. Fields House, Endview Plantation, Newsome House Cultural Center and Museum, Virginia War Museum, Lee Hall Mansion, the Virginia Living Museum, Mariner's Museum, Historic Jamestown, The Yorktown Victory Center and the Berkley Plantation (the place where the official Thanksgiving tradition started).

You might also go for some special restaurants like Create Bistro, Cafe Portuguese, The Firkin & Frigate Pub or Das Wald Cafe. You can even do some sports on your vacation to Newport News and go for An Achievable Dream Tennis Center, the Kiln Creek Golf Club & Resort, the Newport News Golf Club or the Newport News Park. Shopping locations are also attractive and relaxation is possible at the many spas located in the city. While traveling to Newport News you should also consider viewing a movie at IMAX Movies or enjoying a theater play at the Peninsula Community Theater. Be sure to plan your trip while looking at the special events that the city holds throughout the year and after all your planning is down simply filter your list to the sites you want to really visit and pay attention to your budget. Newport News can be a great place to visit for a tourist if you pay enough attention to the details mentioned above!