Thursday, June 12, 2008

How To Travel Light During Winter

Sometimes it can be quite hard to travel light during the winter season unless your destination is a place full of sun like Florida for instance. If you know that you have problems closing your luggage zipper during winter as it is too filled with hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters and more, here is what you can consider doing in order to travel light during your winter vacation.

The first thing is obvious but always overlooked: keep it down to the essentials! See how long you are going to travel and do your selections based on just one or two main outfits each day. Use a color scheme so that anything can be worn with everything. You would be surprised to see how much luggage you can free with this fact alone! You can also check the weather and pack as this dictates. Only trust good weather prediction sources though.

Another thing you can consider is rolling the small pieces of clothes. This includes t-shirts, scarves, vests and a lot of less bulky items. You can save a lot of space this way. Just roll them up tightly, similar to a tortilla and your space will increase all of a sudden. Do not go for duplicate sweaters when traveling and go for accessories like broaches, scarves and so on. This is because there is a big chance you will have your coat on the whole time so putting on a different scarf on the same black T-Shirt will not be noticed.

If you need to pack a lot of bulky items on your vacation you should go for purchasing Space Saver bags. They are available at a lot of drugstores and Target locations. The price of one is around 5 to 9 dollars and can hold approximatively 10 sweaters. Once the air is vacuumed you will see that you will only have around half of the mass of the original setup. You should pack this at the bottom of the luggage.

The undergarments and socks should be packed at the end or you can put them in various compartments and pockets you might have. If there is no possibility of doing this you can pack it at the end and stuff these items between clothes and basically where you can put them in. The large things should be left at the top of the heap, after all the small things are rolled up and tucked in. This will aid in keeping everything in place and will be much better than doing it the other way around.