Thursday, June 26, 2008

When to Visit Florida

Florida is a highly popular tourist attraction for a lot of people. We are basically talking of a lot of attractions, huge beaches and a constant warm weather that all together make for a perfect vacation spot in every month of the year. In most cases tourists will come here in order to escape colder climates and this fact in itself brings in a number of constant visitors. The problem at hand is that you need to figure out when to visit Florida, based on your personal needs. With this in mind you should know that high season is December to August, the low season is in November and the shoulder season is September to October.

Regional exceptions are present. The north area for instance has an extended low season from November to February while the south's low season goes from June to November. Also, Northern Florida presents an average high temperature of 84 degrees during Summer and 55 in the Winter. South Florida has an average of 82 degrees in Summer and 68 degrees in winter. Before booking a vacation be sure to learn about the weather forecast because Florida can be affected by tropical storms and hurricanes during early fall and late summer.

Summer will show larger numbers of people gathering in major holidays like Labor Day, Independence Day and Memorial Day. Spring break will also create an influx of tourists. If you plan on saving money you can do this during the off season as that is when prices are more competitive. You will also find a lot of discounted specials throughout the year and we recommend that you book everything early in order to make sure of travel dates.