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Auckland harbour cruising and fishing

Whether you’ve only dappled with fishing and boating, or have been an aficionado for years, planning a vacation in New Zealand, and have Auckland harbour cruises to fishing and boating can be an enjoyable experience for you and your friends or family. Here are some tips to help you plan your next great fishing and boating vacation.

Deep Sea Fishing

To experience extreme fishing, you might want to consider a deep sea fishing trip for your next fishing and boating vacation.  Deep sea fishing will render an incredible experience.  You’ll see incredible things along your way, like dolphins, whales, fish you’d only previously seen in textbooks.You’ll watch the coastline disappear and get to adventure the ocean first hand. 

You can easily charter a boat in Auckland for the day from any beach town.  If you’re not familiar with any captains in your desired location, the best way to locate one is to find a local marina and ask around.  Or you can do some research, either through a travel agent or on the internet.Most skipper will be found online with photo of their boats and past fishing events. 

Find a skipper who has experience in finding schools of fish that you are keen to catch.  Chartering a boat for your fishing and boating vacation is very relaxing.  All you have to do is get on the boat and get ready to fish.  Leave the navigation and clean-up to someone else.

Lakeside Fishing

If you don’t live near an ocean, don’t want to make the trek, or are just looking for a different fishing and boating experience, head to a major lake.  Find a cabin lakeside and spend a week in nature shuffling between your cabin and boat.  Catch some nice fish, come back in, fire up the grill, and just relax. 

Lakeside fishing can offer you a more natural setting than ocean fishing, if you want to avoid a commercialized beach town.  Lakeside trips make great fishing and boating vacations for those people who want to get away from it all, and offer more independence than deep-sea fishing.You will not want a skipper to take you out lake fishing, and will be ok to come and go as you want.

Mix up your fishing and boating vacations. Try new locales, and try fishing for different types of fish.  No matter what you decide, a fishing and boating vacation will allow you to enjoy the water, and experience things you probably don’t get to enjoy everyday in your daily activities.

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Where to Look for the Crewed Charter Yachts

Just imagine cruising the tropical seas aboard your own private yacht charter. If this has been a dream of yours that you would like to make a reality it is recommended that you first do some research. As with anything else word of mouth is always the best testament. If you have a business partner, friend, or family member that has chartered a yacht ask about their experience.

Be Selective

There are a lot of charter companies and a huge variety of yachts available for charter. The prices are widely varied as well. A basic charter fee will include the use of the yacht and its equipment, crew salary and insurance. Additional expenses would depend upon your destination and number of guests. Some of these expenses would include the fuel, water, dockage, port and cruising taxes, mooring charges, shoreside power etc. There may be specific needs and requests that may increase your costs as well such as the food, wine, beverages, and flowers. Also, the additional cost of getting to the yacht's location may not be included.

Do Your Research

Do an online investigation.  You don't want any surprises after you have set sail and are in a remote location. Most of the crewed charter yachts will have a website with beautiful photos, captain and crew backgrounds, maybe even some feedback from people who have traveled aboard their charter. Ask questions such as what type of security do they provide, what would happen in the event of a medical emergency?

Safety and comfort are important issues to address before leaving port. Just as important are the destination, the food, special needs, recreational activities, and the size of the yacht. A yachting vacation should be the trip of a lifetime, relaxing and enjoyable, your every need should be attended to and the location as romantic and beautiful as you had imagined.

Enjoy Your Cruising Experience

After you have read the fine print and made all your requests known to the captain, sit back and enjoy the view. These views will include beautiful azure blue seas, remote tropical islands, and dreamy sunsets every night.  More than just the view you will also be enjoying gourmet meals prepared by the expertly trained chef served on deck.  You will experience recreational activities such as water skiing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and para-sailing.

At the end of a day of recreational activities you can enjoy a cocktail while watching TV in the lounge area or play a game of cards at a table near a window with a beautiful tropical view.  Just writing this article makes me want to sign up right now!

Taking a trip aboard a crewed charter yacht will make any other vacation seem boring.

To find more info on yacht charters visit Bodrum Yacht Cruises as well as Charter Yacht Greece

Paris Apartments: Good Value and Central

It is important to plan your vacation before packing your bags and driving to the airport especially when your destination is a place like Paris. Paris offers an amazing range of activities and you don't want to waste your time in the City of Lights. Every second of time in Paris is precious with so many fantastic things to see and do. Of course you would want a worthwhile stay in the very famous city. Usually you should book a few nights accommodation before leaving home. There are many options and cover all price ranges - whether you need a 5-star luxury or a just a decent 3-star Paris hotel

For a cheaper accommodation, you may want to consider a Paris apartment. Often cheaper, but more homely compared to a hotel suite, an apartment can be very comfortable. The next thing to plan is what to visit after billeting in your Paris apartment.

There are lots of places to visit when you are in Paris; from the most historic to most contemporary. Your vacation in Paris will be memorable when you carefully considered and plan what part of the city you will visit. Historical structures and buildings are sprinkled inside the city that you should not miss. There are also a lot of museums that display historical art pieces up to the most modern creations. Dining will be a highlight of any trip to Paris. Shopping completes the list of activities that will make your stay in Paris meaningful.

The Eifflel tower is many visitors first stop in Paris. This 320-meter tower is well recognized in the whole world as a symbol of the city of Lights and as well as the whole country of France. This tower is built during the 1889 World Fair. It is a very fulfilling experience to climb the top of the tower for you will be able to see the whole of Paris during the day or at night. That's a fair few stairs and at least you will sleep well that night in your central Paris hotel.

How Private Jet Rentals Help Consumers Beat the Airport Lines

There was a time when flying a commercial airline meant luxury. Today, air travel has become a game of the cheapest and airlines are cutting back seating room, fuel and even charging their customers for that miniature soda offered in flight. When a consumer wants to bring the luxury back to their air travel, private jet rentals are an affordable option.

Taking into consideration the cost of a first class flight, the private jet rental may actually be less expensive than a commercial flight. First class does not hold the clout it used to and a thin curtain is all that separates the business and coach customers from the 1st class seating. Private jets are taking these commercial changes and offering the consumer an option in luxury. With the introduction of Very Light Jets, a private jet rental option, consumers can actually pay less money to fly to their destination without the hassles of a commercial air service.

There are limitations to these private jet rentals, however. Many private jets offer a shorter range of flight. The cost of the flight may be cheaper, but the distance traveled is also limited by fuel holding power in very light private jet rentals.

In exchange for the distance lost, the flyer cuts down the time spent in the airport dramatically. On a commercial flight, you need to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours in advance. These extra hours are there in order for the consumer to check in, check their baggage (which may cost them upwards of $25 a bag or more), and make it through security. After the flight, even more time is spent waiting for baggage and securing the rental car. A short 45 minute flight can take up an entire day when all the consumer wanted was to fly from point A to point B. Private jet rentals take this confusion out of flying.

For the consumer who needs to fly longer distances, the private jet rental will certainly cost more than the commercial flight, but the return of luxury and the ability to include your toe nail clippers in your carry-on luggage may be worth the extra money.

As more and more commercial airlines find their way into bankruptcy, the cost of commercial flights will continue to rise. Today, the consumer has an option. The private jet rentals once reserved for the rich and the famous are now being booked by the everyday Joe to bring luxury and ease back to flying.

Private Air Charter Services - A Honeymooners Delight

Using private air charter services for your honeymoon travels may seem a bit overly extravagant to some people, I grant you.

Most couples are so caught up in planning the actual wedding ceremony itself that organizing the honeymoon can fall a little bit by the wayside. 

Plus the costs of actually getting married, for some, may cancel out the possibility of an exotic honeymoon; you’re just worried about paying the caterers! 

However, being able to afford private air charter services and being wealthy aren't mutually exclusive.  There are many private charter companies that offer very affordable travel rates, and flying a private jet is no longer just for the wealthy celebrity or corporate funded businessman.

So, what are some advantages to using a private charter for your honeymoon?

Well for one thing, PRIVACY!  (You can even become discreet members of the mile high club, with no fear of anyone banging on the bathroom door yelling at you to "hurry up already!" if you really want.)  It's almost like extending your honeymoon to include the travel time as well.  An extra advantage to this is that the romance can just keep on going and going, with no interruptions for pesky travel details.

Private air charter also helps you avoid long lines and heavy commuting traffic.  You won't have to share your private space with some claustrophobic traveler that is hyperventilating into a paper bag for the whole flight either.  There is nothing better to kill the honeymoon mojo than to get bombarded with so many decidedly UN romantic things!  Private flights can help you avoid all that, and continue on in the rosy fog of your romantically wedded bliss.

Also. using an air charter should be seen as an adventure, the perfect prelude to your awesome secret getaway.  Just imagine, you can have the champagne chilling, ready to sip once you’re aboard, chocolate covered strawberries to help entice your lover even more and a beautiful dining table laid out, ready and set for you to both enjoy a nice meal.  Not to mention the buildup of anticipation in reaching your destination, and reaching it in serious style to boot!

Of course cost has to be a consideration for most of us, so you should shop around well before the honeymoon is due to begin in order to find the perfect company, as well as the best rate.  You are much more likely to get better rates if you plan far ahead. 

Also, consider dates as well.  Off season flights, even with private air charter companies are much more likely to be less expensive during off seasons, than during the peak travel times when everyone needs an airplane charter and available planes are in short supply.  So plan carefully and accordingly.

Another great service to bear in mind is that many of the better private air charter companies will make all of your arrangements for you, including travel, cars and even lodgings at your final destination.  You just tell them what you want and the budget you are looking at and they will set it all up for you. 

This can be a great time saver for you and your fiancĂ©, leaving you free to focus on what's important - getting married and enjoying that honeymoon! 

Now with all of these benefits in mind, what else could possibly be stopping you?  Private air charter is absolutely one of the best honeymoon travel options out there.

Peak District Holidays - Ashbourne

Whilst visiting the peak district area, if you pass the sign for Ashbourne, turn the car around and go and visit this beautiful town. The place is one of the finest old market town's around the area, though it must be said, there are still a lot of other beautiful places around the peak district.

If you are basing your Peak District holidays here, then there is a delightful array of comfortable Peak District holiday cottages for you to choose from , but many get booked well in advance so book early to get the best choice. Also as would be expected the area has a number of luxury hotels if you prefer the more pampered style of holiday.

The town, dating back to the Georgian period, was a highly fashionable and busy place for the wealthy all those centuries ago. Whilst walking around and looking at the buildings, which are truly magnificent, you can imagine, long ago, all the ladies walking around in all their beautiful finery.

With mellow town houses, and resplendent coaching inns, there is a truly unique atmosphere about this small town. Taking a stroll along the main street, you will come across historic alms houses and the 16th century old Grammar School. On a beautiful day, you can also take a walk along the Heritage Trail which takes you around the town.

Being a fair trade town means fair trade products are available in the restaurants, cafes, and shops, and there is still the local market which takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year with tradition going as far back to 1257.

Ashbourne has a wide variety of quality accomodation if you need somewhere to stay. In the central area of Ashbourne, there is the Beresford Arms Hotel, which offers accommodation and breakfasts. It all depends on the individual couple, or families as to what type of accommodation they require.

Outside of the town, there are farms to stay at, or privately run guest houses; some dating back to the 19th century. What ever the choice, there will always be something to suit everyone, whilst exploring this lovely town and the area around.

It must be remembered while visiting or holidaying in or around Ashbourne, right on the door step is the beautiful Peak District which offers something for everyone. For the avid walker, there are some truly amazing and beautiful walkways.

It is always good to have good rambling boots, which are also great for climbing. If you fancy a bit of walking or climbing their are a number of options to choose from but make sure you take local advice.

The peak district is also well known for its pot holing so if you are feeling brave make some enquiries, you will need to be fairly fit and agile though. There are many, many things on offer around this beautiful area, so it is well worth having a camera at the ready for snapshots of the scenic views and any animals you may come across.

Ashbourne is simply the perfect choice for your Peak District holidays.

Cambridge Vacations - What To See And Do When You Visit Cambridge

When it comes to booking yourself Cambridge vacations, you can visit this very historic town at just about any time of year you want. This university city has lots of different things for you to see and do on your visit. It's easy to get to Cambridge. The city has good connections by road, rail or even air. You can fly in to Stansted airport and reach Cambridge in around twenty minutes.

However, do not expect to see everything of interest in just one day you will really need several to explore it. If you've seen everything you want to in Cambridge city, then you can always start to explore the myriad of places that are within easy reach.

The minds of people such as Charles Darwin and, more recently, Stephen Hawking, have been inspired by the city of Cambridge. If possible, you should endeavor to make the time to visit one of England's oldest universities. In fact, in 2009, this University will have been established for 800 years and so celebrations will take through out the year.

Along with wandering around the grounds of the various seats of learning in the city, there are plenty of other things that one can do. There is a top class shopping centre together with a wide range of bars, cafes and restaurants. As for accommodation, there is something to suit all budgets, from luxury hotels through to guesthouses and bed and breakfast houses as well. And if you're really pressed for cash, you can check out the hostels and camp sites as well.

If you like festivals and similar events, make sure to check your calendar so that you can time your visit to match up with your favorite one. From Shakespeare Season that is held in the gardens of the College during the summer to recitals and concerts which take place in the churches in the city and also in the College chapels.

If you're looking for "culture" during your vacation, you've come to the right place. However, if you want a little more activity there are plenty of leisure facilities available in the city as well. For a leisurely or competitive game of golf, there are at least two top quality golf courses for you to test. There is Cambridge Lakes Golf Course (9-hole par 3) and the much more well established Gog Magog Golf Club.

However, if you are bringing children with you to the City then there are plenty of places for them to enjoy as well. Just a few miles away from Cambridge is the Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey. You can have a great day out no matter how young or old you are. You'll discover how our farming has developed over the years and how farming has changed with it.

Above we have looked at few attractions and things that one can do when you stay in Cambridge. Certainly, you may find that a weekend's stay is not sufficient to take in everything that this historic and beautiful city has to offer you.

Check out a wide range of Cambridge hotels here.

Aircraft Charter Companies - A Luxury That Should Be Afforded?

For many people, hiring aircraft charter companies can seem like the ultimate luxury. For others, it's just another taken for granted mode of transport. What exactly is the appeal in hiring an aircraft charter company? Why bother if it can be so expensive?


Well, if your rich, you might just like the image it gives you. Convenience, speed, and exclusivity all rolled into one. Great way to thumb your nose at all the little people! (Just kidding!) No, if you are rich then obviously money isn't even a factor in hiring an aircraft charter company, and it is just quicker and easier for you all around.


Also, there are many rich folk out there that have a bit of a celebrity status, so it is just more enjoyable to travel with privacy. And maybe your not yet quite rich enough to just buy your own jet! So you hire a charter aircraft. No lines, no waiting, no layovers. You can fly whenever you want weather permitting.


Now maybe your rich, and also the busy, globe trotting CEO of a huge corporation. In that case, aircraft charter companies just make sense for you and your employees. If you have group projects or meetings, charting can get you there quickly and safely, and you don't even have to really interrupt the day too much as you can also continue working while flying.


Try doing that while driving!


If you happen to be the man hiring the aircraft charter company it could be just a nice gesture, a great way to make your employees feel valued and appreciated, instead of forcing them to hobnob with a crowd of cranky business class strangers.


No room to spread out, no decent food or drinks, nothing particularly endearing about business class at all really. So your employees will thank you. Well, they will if they are polite!


Another great feature of aircraft charter companies, is that it impresses people when you pick them up in a jet. Whether you are trying to impress a client and provide comfort while traveling, or you are trying to impress a lady with dinner in New York, while you both live in L.A. Either scenario tends to impress your target, and garner you some status and huge bonus points.


Something to keep in mind as well, just in case you are considering buying that private jet of your own. Aircraft charter companies can do so much more than just fly you to your destination and take care of you while in the air. Many also offer transportation and help with finding accommodation once you actually land too. How's that for handy?


The only way you could do that with your very own jet is to hire someone to do it all for you. Plus think of all the maintenance and fueling costs. It could just end up being more cost effective to hire an aircraft charter company than waste money on your own jet. (I can only imagine insurances costs as well!)


Just something to ponder.


Aircraft charter companies can be very helpful with your next traveling adventure, so keep that in mind and do a little digging to find a good one.


You'll be happy you did and potentially, more relaxed when you land too!

Places To Stay In York

The city of York in United Kingdom is an amazing metropolis having a wealth of history. The hotels of the city have their own histories. The city is one of the favorite tourist destinations and if you're looking for somewhere to stay in the city, you'll find a big range of accommodation on offer having their own individuality. Regardless of what you're looking for whether it is a better-quality hotel or a humbler guest house to celebrate some occasion or anniversary, the city has more than enough to offer you. Most of the places to stay are within easy reach from the centre of the city where you'll also find plenty of shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs and tourist attractions.

Whether you're looking for a cheap vacation or something altogether more luxurious, the city has something to offer.
Cheap to medium price: a number of hotels and bed and breakfasts with an affordable price can be found in Bootham, Gillygate, Fulford, Holgate Road, Haxby and Heworth villages . These are ideal if you're on a limited budget. The centre of the city is within an easy walk or short taxi ride. Do not miss out on the Cornmill Lodge Guest House or the Mowbray House. Both of these establishments can be found on Haxby Road. Heworth Court Hotel, Jorvik Hotel, Ascot House and York Backpackers Hostel are some which deserves a mention.

If your budget can stretch a bit further, then Abbots Mews Hotel, Newington on the Mount, Posthouse York and the Galtres Lodge Hotel are some of the places which you should look in for.
Higher priced: if your taste goes to the best hotels on offer in York, the Tadcaster and the Mount Road these roads host some of the superior hotels of the city. You even have the race course near by and just not this. These hotels will include facilities such as swimming pools and garden rooms which helps make these hotels amongst the finest. The Mount Royale, Marriott Hotel, Elmbank Hotel, the Novotel, The Churchill, York Moat House, Monkbar, Lady Anne Middleton's Hotel, York Minster hotels are some of the famous ones. They provide wide-ranging packages, and you can even hold your wedding reception at most of them.

Deluxe: the city of York does not even lack behind in the area of stunning deluxe hotels. The Ambassador, the Hilton York, the Royal York, the Middlethorpe Hall are the ones which tops the list. The Hilton York hotel hosts the most popular restaurant of the city, Henry J. Bean's restaurant. These places offer the widest range of facilities in the city including gyms, spas and pools and are truly a place to stay and enjoy your holiday in York.

York has a wide range of hotels on offer starting from the cheap ones to luxury hotels, from guest houses to private villas, from economical bed and breakfasts to self catering establishments, from Inns to cottage breaks, from vacation apartments to YHA's, York's places to stay cater for everyone.

Discover where to stay in York here.