Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Private Air Charter Services - A Honeymooners Delight

Using private air charter services for your honeymoon travels may seem a bit overly extravagant to some people, I grant you.

Most couples are so caught up in planning the actual wedding ceremony itself that organizing the honeymoon can fall a little bit by the wayside. 

Plus the costs of actually getting married, for some, may cancel out the possibility of an exotic honeymoon; you’re just worried about paying the caterers! 

However, being able to afford private air charter services and being wealthy aren't mutually exclusive.  There are many private charter companies that offer very affordable travel rates, and flying a private jet is no longer just for the wealthy celebrity or corporate funded businessman.

So, what are some advantages to using a private charter for your honeymoon?

Well for one thing, PRIVACY!  (You can even become discreet members of the mile high club, with no fear of anyone banging on the bathroom door yelling at you to "hurry up already!" if you really want.)  It's almost like extending your honeymoon to include the travel time as well.  An extra advantage to this is that the romance can just keep on going and going, with no interruptions for pesky travel details.

Private air charter also helps you avoid long lines and heavy commuting traffic.  You won't have to share your private space with some claustrophobic traveler that is hyperventilating into a paper bag for the whole flight either.  There is nothing better to kill the honeymoon mojo than to get bombarded with so many decidedly UN romantic things!  Private flights can help you avoid all that, and continue on in the rosy fog of your romantically wedded bliss.

Also. using an air charter should be seen as an adventure, the perfect prelude to your awesome secret getaway.  Just imagine, you can have the champagne chilling, ready to sip once you’re aboard, chocolate covered strawberries to help entice your lover even more and a beautiful dining table laid out, ready and set for you to both enjoy a nice meal.  Not to mention the buildup of anticipation in reaching your destination, and reaching it in serious style to boot!

Of course cost has to be a consideration for most of us, so you should shop around well before the honeymoon is due to begin in order to find the perfect company, as well as the best rate.  You are much more likely to get better rates if you plan far ahead. 

Also, consider dates as well.  Off season flights, even with private air charter companies are much more likely to be less expensive during off seasons, than during the peak travel times when everyone needs an airplane charter and available planes are in short supply.  So plan carefully and accordingly.

Another great service to bear in mind is that many of the better private air charter companies will make all of your arrangements for you, including travel, cars and even lodgings at your final destination.  You just tell them what you want and the budget you are looking at and they will set it all up for you. 

This can be a great time saver for you and your fiancĂ©, leaving you free to focus on what's important - getting married and enjoying that honeymoon! 

Now with all of these benefits in mind, what else could possibly be stopping you?  Private air charter is absolutely one of the best honeymoon travel options out there.

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