Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where to Look for the Crewed Charter Yachts

Just imagine cruising the tropical seas aboard your own private yacht charter. If this has been a dream of yours that you would like to make a reality it is recommended that you first do some research. As with anything else word of mouth is always the best testament. If you have a business partner, friend, or family member that has chartered a yacht ask about their experience.

Be Selective

There are a lot of charter companies and a huge variety of yachts available for charter. The prices are widely varied as well. A basic charter fee will include the use of the yacht and its equipment, crew salary and insurance. Additional expenses would depend upon your destination and number of guests. Some of these expenses would include the fuel, water, dockage, port and cruising taxes, mooring charges, shoreside power etc. There may be specific needs and requests that may increase your costs as well such as the food, wine, beverages, and flowers. Also, the additional cost of getting to the yacht's location may not be included.

Do Your Research

Do an online investigation.  You don't want any surprises after you have set sail and are in a remote location. Most of the crewed charter yachts will have a website with beautiful photos, captain and crew backgrounds, maybe even some feedback from people who have traveled aboard their charter. Ask questions such as what type of security do they provide, what would happen in the event of a medical emergency?

Safety and comfort are important issues to address before leaving port. Just as important are the destination, the food, special needs, recreational activities, and the size of the yacht. A yachting vacation should be the trip of a lifetime, relaxing and enjoyable, your every need should be attended to and the location as romantic and beautiful as you had imagined.

Enjoy Your Cruising Experience

After you have read the fine print and made all your requests known to the captain, sit back and enjoy the view. These views will include beautiful azure blue seas, remote tropical islands, and dreamy sunsets every night.  More than just the view you will also be enjoying gourmet meals prepared by the expertly trained chef served on deck.  You will experience recreational activities such as water skiing, jet skiing, snorkeling, and para-sailing.

At the end of a day of recreational activities you can enjoy a cocktail while watching TV in the lounge area or play a game of cards at a table near a window with a beautiful tropical view.  Just writing this article makes me want to sign up right now!

Taking a trip aboard a crewed charter yacht will make any other vacation seem boring.

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