Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Aircraft Charter Companies - A Luxury That Should Be Afforded?

For many people, hiring aircraft charter companies can seem like the ultimate luxury. For others, it's just another taken for granted mode of transport. What exactly is the appeal in hiring an aircraft charter company? Why bother if it can be so expensive?


Well, if your rich, you might just like the image it gives you. Convenience, speed, and exclusivity all rolled into one. Great way to thumb your nose at all the little people! (Just kidding!) No, if you are rich then obviously money isn't even a factor in hiring an aircraft charter company, and it is just quicker and easier for you all around.


Also, there are many rich folk out there that have a bit of a celebrity status, so it is just more enjoyable to travel with privacy. And maybe your not yet quite rich enough to just buy your own jet! So you hire a charter aircraft. No lines, no waiting, no layovers. You can fly whenever you want weather permitting.


Now maybe your rich, and also the busy, globe trotting CEO of a huge corporation. In that case, aircraft charter companies just make sense for you and your employees. If you have group projects or meetings, charting can get you there quickly and safely, and you don't even have to really interrupt the day too much as you can also continue working while flying.


Try doing that while driving!


If you happen to be the man hiring the aircraft charter company it could be just a nice gesture, a great way to make your employees feel valued and appreciated, instead of forcing them to hobnob with a crowd of cranky business class strangers.


No room to spread out, no decent food or drinks, nothing particularly endearing about business class at all really. So your employees will thank you. Well, they will if they are polite!


Another great feature of aircraft charter companies, is that it impresses people when you pick them up in a jet. Whether you are trying to impress a client and provide comfort while traveling, or you are trying to impress a lady with dinner in New York, while you both live in L.A. Either scenario tends to impress your target, and garner you some status and huge bonus points.


Something to keep in mind as well, just in case you are considering buying that private jet of your own. Aircraft charter companies can do so much more than just fly you to your destination and take care of you while in the air. Many also offer transportation and help with finding accommodation once you actually land too. How's that for handy?


The only way you could do that with your very own jet is to hire someone to do it all for you. Plus think of all the maintenance and fueling costs. It could just end up being more cost effective to hire an aircraft charter company than waste money on your own jet. (I can only imagine insurances costs as well!)


Just something to ponder.


Aircraft charter companies can be very helpful with your next traveling adventure, so keep that in mind and do a little digging to find a good one.


You'll be happy you did and potentially, more relaxed when you land too!

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