Sunday, June 29, 2008

Glasgow Attractions

When talking about Scotland tourist destinations Glasgow is among the locations that are most visited. Since this is case you might want to know what makes this city so special. The truth is that visiting Glasgow is a very enjoyable experience and so many places of interest that you might want to spend more than 24 hours just to be able to have a chance at visiting everything. Let us take a quick look at the most appreciated spots for tourists.

First off, we need to mention the Glasgow Cathedral. It was built around the 13th and 15th centuries and is actually the only authentic cathedral from that era that still exists today. We are talking about a gothic style, a superb architectural masterpiece that you need to discover on your trip of Glasgow. After this experience you will also need to consider The Lighthouse. This is a national center for design and architecture and was once the office for the Glasgow Herald. You will find galleries, cafes, shopping and more if you want to visit it. Take a stroll and enter the Gallery of Modern Art, one of the most well known modern art galleries in the entire UK. We would also want to recommend the Glasgow Tower. This is the first tower ever built that was round a full circle and not just its top. If you go to the top of the platform you will be able to see for a distance of around 40 miles, quite a breathtaking view.

There are a lot more tourist attractions in Glasgow but you will probably also want to know what you can do in the city since sightseeing is not the only element that is needed to have a perfect vacation. Thus you will want to visit the Merchant City Area in town as you will find here a lot of types of shops and you will be able to purchase almost anything you would want form antiques to clothes. Clubs might also be of interest for you. We recommend trying the Sun Club, The Arches and The Garage. Each are unique and highly popular clubs in Glasgow. We are in Scotland so you will also want to check out some pubs. There is quite a huge variety of them here, for every preferences possible with live music or not.

To put it simple, you can have a lot of fun in Glasgow and no matter what your temperament is and what you like, you will surely enjoy yourself in the city.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vacation in Milos Greece

The Greek isle of Milos is located in the Aegean Sea, a volcanic island by origin and a beautiful vacation spot, although so little known around the world. When people travel to Greece few are expected to arrive here because not many pre-arranged tours include it exactly due to lack of it being known. Milos is also called “the island of colors” and has huge history when talking about architecture and the surrounding countryside. We thus have the ancient town of Milos and a whole lot to discover and visit when sightseeing.

Right next to the town one can visit a theatre that dates back to the Golden Age of Rome. It still has areas that are almost intact and even if Milos is where Venus de Milo was discovered (which can be found in Louvre nowadays) still few people think about it. The island of colors holds a wide variety of orange, olive, cypress and arbutus trees that decorate it, creating exactly this image of many colors that makes its setting unique. Vines complement everything and the months of May and April also come with great weather for any tourist that may want to visit although July is the preferred month of the year. It is in this month that a lot of music and cultural festival events are held. Thankfully, these are the ones that are starting to bring people to the island.

It is easy to reach Milos as there are daily flights to and from Athens. You might also grab a ferry to different surrounding shores. Everything that a tourist desires can be located in the island from discos, cafes, jewelry stores to pastry shops, beaches and museums. Talking strictly about beaches, you should know that there are 70 different places to choose from. The sand ranges in color from white to black while water is also colored in shades of green and deep blue. Quiet beaches with no bars, stereos or restaurants will make sure that relaxation is reached.

We couldn’t go to any part of Greece without thinking about the cuisine. In Milos you are sure to have a wonderful experience due to the variety of restaurants present. If on the island be sure to try local delicacies that include garlic sauce, cabbage, zucchini, potatoes, pork and eggplants. Do not miss the special goat milk cheese served in these traditional restaurants and as a desert make sure that thyme honey (locally made) is on your list. Even the wine made here is renowned, as is the one imported from Crete.

To sum everything up, once in Greece make sure you visit Milos as well. It is an isle filled with music, ancient mysteries, colors, traditional music and cuisine. Every single person that once to see a perfect exotic location is welcomed and most tourists that go to Milos will often come back.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is an incredible city. Any tour of European cities should include it and it must be at the top of the list if you want to go in the area. Barcelona has many beautiful places to visit and explore and a whole range of activities that you can take part in so that your vacation is memorable. Let us think about the top tourist attractions in Spain's capital and you can figure out yourself which are to be included in your personal trip plan.

We would first recommend Antonio Gaudi's creations that include the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Add another of his designs, the Park Guell to the list as it is a world heritage site that hosts the famous dragon and various monuments of unique design. Its terrace offers one of the best views of Barcelona possible and to make it even better it is 100% free to visit and open every single day.

Once in town visit the Picasso Museum. It is located right in the center of the city and even includes some of the most famous works by Picasso. Also consider the Maritime Museum and on the whole we could say that any art lover can find tens of museums in Barcelona. Take a walk through La Rambla and stop at the opera theater "el Liceu". The entire area is perfect for sightseeing, shopping and dining.

Many people think that beaches are not great in Barcelona but the Playa la Barcelona is 10 minutes away from the core of the city. One can even go for Sitges Beach, right outside the capital and enjoy a great time at the beach as well. Leave the sun and go for Gothic delights at Barri Gotic. This popular tourist attraction spot is filled with bars, cafes and squares. Sunday is the perfect day to visit Barri Gotic because dancers will perform the Catalonian Dance sardana.

Leisure time is also available in the capital. Go for one of the attraction parks like Tibidabo. If time permits, you can go to the Universal's Port Aventura amusement park that is located in a city near Barcelona, Tarragona. If not, you can also go for the largest aquarium in Europe, also located in the capital. Night life is great and has everything for everyone. No matter what you want, you will find it from romantic spots to dancing clubs and since you are in town do not forget to try the traditional Catalan cuisine. Barcelona offers a very good vacation spot for all ages and you should not avoid it at any case!

When to Visit Florida

Florida is a highly popular tourist attraction for a lot of people. We are basically talking of a lot of attractions, huge beaches and a constant warm weather that all together make for a perfect vacation spot in every month of the year. In most cases tourists will come here in order to escape colder climates and this fact in itself brings in a number of constant visitors. The problem at hand is that you need to figure out when to visit Florida, based on your personal needs. With this in mind you should know that high season is December to August, the low season is in November and the shoulder season is September to October.

Regional exceptions are present. The north area for instance has an extended low season from November to February while the south's low season goes from June to November. Also, Northern Florida presents an average high temperature of 84 degrees during Summer and 55 in the Winter. South Florida has an average of 82 degrees in Summer and 68 degrees in winter. Before booking a vacation be sure to learn about the weather forecast because Florida can be affected by tropical storms and hurricanes during early fall and late summer.

Summer will show larger numbers of people gathering in major holidays like Labor Day, Independence Day and Memorial Day. Spring break will also create an influx of tourists. If you plan on saving money you can do this during the off season as that is when prices are more competitive. You will also find a lot of discounted specials throughout the year and we recommend that you book everything early in order to make sure of travel dates.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Writing a Negative Letter to a Hotel

You were surely at least once in a situation in which your stay in a hotel was not quality time. You can express the problems you had in writing as most hotels will allow you to give the manager a letter of complaint but some of them are always ignored. For instance, even a hostile title can lead to this. On the other hand, a good letter that is negative but explains the situation as it should be presented will have a good impact and both parties have to gain: you in the case that you visit the hotel again and the manager in order to improve the quality of the hotel's services.

First off you need to be calm under such circumstances. Words that are said while being mad will be perceived as threatening and we do not want this to happen. The hotel managers need to understand something and they will not like threats. Now you will need to learn where you should send the letter. This is done in order to make sure that the letter will get to the department or person that can handle it or is responsible with this.

When actually writing the letter of complaint for a hotel you should start it in a positive or neutral tone. This aids in not shocking the person reading it and they will more than likely continue reading the negative aspects you want to point out. You will need to provide facts and do not overdue in telling about one element as ramblings are not relevant. If you are concise you are more likely to strengthen your own point of view and this is what you want to do. All of the sentences need to be structured correctly and if possible you should even offer a solution to the problems at hand. This is actually why a lot of managers will want to receive such letters as being an outsider is a good reason for you to see everything more clearly. We recommend that you first do a draft of the negative letter you want to sell and then correct any possible mistakes, finishing everything with copying what you wrote in the draft.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Planning a Romantic Valentine's Day Getaway

One of the most perfect ways to enjoy Valentine's Day has to be a romantic getaway with your half. Since any trip requires some planning, let us think about some facts that will make your journey perfect. First off, we recommend that you go for the countryside. This is because there will be more privacy there and you can share some romantic moments with the one you love. You are basically getting time to share with your better half and a place with a Jacuzzi or hot tub is definitely a bonus.

Lodging is perfect if you have your own private space like a cottage or cabin. You will even find locations that offer special packages for Valentine's Day. Relax and make sure that all is handled at work or other obligations. It is needless to say that having to answer the phone or worrying about something will reduce the high quality of your Valentine's Day getaway. If you are a man, how about calling ahead and arranging a nice bouquet of flowers that your lady loves and make sure they are placed at bedside? Women can take their best and most blood boiling lingerie with them together with a good perfume. The ideas are basically so many that you will need to figure out the actual vacation on yourself.

The tricky part does not stand in what to do once arriving at the destination as this is a mistake a lot of people do. You should think about it in advance and once there you will need to have everything arranged. This is exactly why planning this romantic Valentine's Day Getaway is the most important aspect you need to worry about. Once you lay out everything and now the basics of what will happen, you are sure to have the perfect romantic vacation you are looking for.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Family Vacations in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known around the world as Sin City and as a location of gambling and wild life including night parties and a whole lot more. What few people realize is that this city also has a lot of locations that offer family fun and you can actually have a very good family vacation in Las Vegas. Let us take a look at what you can do.

First off you have to think about hotel accommodations. This is because there are hotels that will be tailored for families, maybe even more than in other cities you might visit on your trips in US. Pools and kid friendly attractions are just the start of the examples we can give when talking about having fun with the entire family. Think about it and do your research wisely so that the hotel you choose is sure to aid in having a perfect family vacation in Las Vegas.

Now another part of the vacation that is sometimes overlooked stands in meal times. For instance, kids love the Rainforest Cafe due to the great arrangement it offers. Then we have the tropical setting of the Desert Passage Mall, Cheesburger at the Oasis. Atmosphere is highly present in Las Vegas and we would also recommend that you take a look at Planet Hollywood, Roxy's Diner, the Hard Rock Cafe and the Elephant Bar Restaurant.

Another highly entertaining family attraction in Las Vegas stands in some of the best thrill rides in the world. For instance, you can put the looping rollercoaster at New York New York or the X-Scream on the list. The Stratosphere will surely be loved by kids and the Circus Circus' Adventuredome is a must see. Family fun is sure to be increased if we add animals to the list. You will see that Las Vegas comes with a lot of places where you can visit exotic animals. There are also kid friendly shows available and we recommend that you visit The World's Largest Permanent Circus in the process and do not forget about the magic shows and those performed by Cirque du Soleil and the Blue Man Group.

Family vacations in Las Vegas are highly possible and should not be ruled out just because we are talking about Sin City. Plan ahead and you will have an incredible vacation!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How To Travel Light During Winter

Sometimes it can be quite hard to travel light during the winter season unless your destination is a place full of sun like Florida for instance. If you know that you have problems closing your luggage zipper during winter as it is too filled with hats, scarves, gloves, sweaters and more, here is what you can consider doing in order to travel light during your winter vacation.

The first thing is obvious but always overlooked: keep it down to the essentials! See how long you are going to travel and do your selections based on just one or two main outfits each day. Use a color scheme so that anything can be worn with everything. You would be surprised to see how much luggage you can free with this fact alone! You can also check the weather and pack as this dictates. Only trust good weather prediction sources though.

Another thing you can consider is rolling the small pieces of clothes. This includes t-shirts, scarves, vests and a lot of less bulky items. You can save a lot of space this way. Just roll them up tightly, similar to a tortilla and your space will increase all of a sudden. Do not go for duplicate sweaters when traveling and go for accessories like broaches, scarves and so on. This is because there is a big chance you will have your coat on the whole time so putting on a different scarf on the same black T-Shirt will not be noticed.

If you need to pack a lot of bulky items on your vacation you should go for purchasing Space Saver bags. They are available at a lot of drugstores and Target locations. The price of one is around 5 to 9 dollars and can hold approximatively 10 sweaters. Once the air is vacuumed you will see that you will only have around half of the mass of the original setup. You should pack this at the bottom of the luggage.

The undergarments and socks should be packed at the end or you can put them in various compartments and pockets you might have. If there is no possibility of doing this you can pack it at the end and stuff these items between clothes and basically where you can put them in. The large things should be left at the top of the heap, after all the small things are rolled up and tucked in. This will aid in keeping everything in place and will be much better than doing it the other way around.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Visiting London for Free

It is needless to say that London can be quite expensive but what few people are aware of is the fact that there are a lot of great neighborhoods, attractions, markets and museums that you can visit without having to pay a cent/penny/Euro/Dollar/Pound. If you are on a budget and you do not have much to spend in London, here is what we recommend you to visit!

First on the list needs to be the British Museum, located in Bloomsbury district. You can see a lot of statues, artifacts, textiles and a whole lot more from various places in the British Empire. Then you can also go to the Portobello Road Market, which is actually the largest market of antiques in the world. Every single Saturday near Portobello Road in the Kensington and Chelsea neighborhoods. Enjoy a great stroll here and take a look at stuff you will probably never see again in your entire life!

We all heard of Hyde Park! How about visiting it while in London on your trip? It is located in the west side of the city and you will see it opened daily from 5 AM till midnight. We are talking about 350 acres that are filled with a lot of tourist attractions including a statue of Peter Pan, a memorial for Princess Diana, speaker's corner, a memorial and a whole lot more.

One sight that is sometimes avoided and should be included is Westminster Abbey. This is where the majority of queens and kings were crowned. In order to tour the facility you have to pay a charge but services at the active church can be attended for free. Every single day will show several such services. We recommend the lyrical evensong because it also features the Abbey choir. Then, how about visiting the National Portrait Gallery? It is right near Trafalgar Square and is quite less known as compared with most of the other museums in London. This basically means that you will find less people there and it actually offers a great view on Britain's history. All England monarchs are painted in rooms of portraits together with composers, architects, criminals, writers, painters and a whole lot more. It is also free to visit!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to Plan a Visit in Newport News - Virginia

Although Newport News, Virginia is not usually on travel lists, there are some places that you might want to visit if you are in the area. One thing that is sometimes overlooked is that the town is located quite close to a lot of very popular tourist sites like Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown or Virginia Beach. Even Newport News has some places worth visiting including some high quality historical museums and the closeness to its sister city, Hampton, is not to be neglected as Hampton does house several museums of its own and NASA, of course. Let us think about how you should plan a visit to Newport News!

First off you need to start planning your trip by thinking about your interests. You should draw up a list of places to visit that could include sport sites, entertainment, historical sites and/or museums. After you make this list you should go to the official Newport News tourism website (located HERE) and start doing your research. Take a look at the hours and days of operation of the sites you intend on visiting and analyze the costs that arise with eventual admission costs and housing so that your budget is planned as well.

If you want to go for historical sites and museums we recommend that you consider The Victory Arch, James A. Fields House, Endview Plantation, Newsome House Cultural Center and Museum, Virginia War Museum, Lee Hall Mansion, the Virginia Living Museum, Mariner's Museum, Historic Jamestown, The Yorktown Victory Center and the Berkley Plantation (the place where the official Thanksgiving tradition started).

You might also go for some special restaurants like Create Bistro, Cafe Portuguese, The Firkin & Frigate Pub or Das Wald Cafe. You can even do some sports on your vacation to Newport News and go for An Achievable Dream Tennis Center, the Kiln Creek Golf Club & Resort, the Newport News Golf Club or the Newport News Park. Shopping locations are also attractive and relaxation is possible at the many spas located in the city. While traveling to Newport News you should also consider viewing a movie at IMAX Movies or enjoying a theater play at the Peninsula Community Theater. Be sure to plan your trip while looking at the special events that the city holds throughout the year and after all your planning is down simply filter your list to the sites you want to really visit and pay attention to your budget. Newport News can be a great place to visit for a tourist if you pay enough attention to the details mentioned above!

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