Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Writing a Negative Letter to a Hotel

You were surely at least once in a situation in which your stay in a hotel was not quality time. You can express the problems you had in writing as most hotels will allow you to give the manager a letter of complaint but some of them are always ignored. For instance, even a hostile title can lead to this. On the other hand, a good letter that is negative but explains the situation as it should be presented will have a good impact and both parties have to gain: you in the case that you visit the hotel again and the manager in order to improve the quality of the hotel's services.

First off you need to be calm under such circumstances. Words that are said while being mad will be perceived as threatening and we do not want this to happen. The hotel managers need to understand something and they will not like threats. Now you will need to learn where you should send the letter. This is done in order to make sure that the letter will get to the department or person that can handle it or is responsible with this.

When actually writing the letter of complaint for a hotel you should start it in a positive or neutral tone. This aids in not shocking the person reading it and they will more than likely continue reading the negative aspects you want to point out. You will need to provide facts and do not overdue in telling about one element as ramblings are not relevant. If you are concise you are more likely to strengthen your own point of view and this is what you want to do. All of the sentences need to be structured correctly and if possible you should even offer a solution to the problems at hand. This is actually why a lot of managers will want to receive such letters as being an outsider is a good reason for you to see everything more clearly. We recommend that you first do a draft of the negative letter you want to sell and then correct any possible mistakes, finishing everything with copying what you wrote in the draft.