Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vacation in Milos Greece

The Greek isle of Milos is located in the Aegean Sea, a volcanic island by origin and a beautiful vacation spot, although so little known around the world. When people travel to Greece few are expected to arrive here because not many pre-arranged tours include it exactly due to lack of it being known. Milos is also called “the island of colors” and has huge history when talking about architecture and the surrounding countryside. We thus have the ancient town of Milos and a whole lot to discover and visit when sightseeing.

Right next to the town one can visit a theatre that dates back to the Golden Age of Rome. It still has areas that are almost intact and even if Milos is where Venus de Milo was discovered (which can be found in Louvre nowadays) still few people think about it. The island of colors holds a wide variety of orange, olive, cypress and arbutus trees that decorate it, creating exactly this image of many colors that makes its setting unique. Vines complement everything and the months of May and April also come with great weather for any tourist that may want to visit although July is the preferred month of the year. It is in this month that a lot of music and cultural festival events are held. Thankfully, these are the ones that are starting to bring people to the island.

It is easy to reach Milos as there are daily flights to and from Athens. You might also grab a ferry to different surrounding shores. Everything that a tourist desires can be located in the island from discos, cafes, jewelry stores to pastry shops, beaches and museums. Talking strictly about beaches, you should know that there are 70 different places to choose from. The sand ranges in color from white to black while water is also colored in shades of green and deep blue. Quiet beaches with no bars, stereos or restaurants will make sure that relaxation is reached.

We couldn’t go to any part of Greece without thinking about the cuisine. In Milos you are sure to have a wonderful experience due to the variety of restaurants present. If on the island be sure to try local delicacies that include garlic sauce, cabbage, zucchini, potatoes, pork and eggplants. Do not miss the special goat milk cheese served in these traditional restaurants and as a desert make sure that thyme honey (locally made) is on your list. Even the wine made here is renowned, as is the one imported from Crete.

To sum everything up, once in Greece make sure you visit Milos as well. It is an isle filled with music, ancient mysteries, colors, traditional music and cuisine. Every single person that once to see a perfect exotic location is welcomed and most tourists that go to Milos will often come back.