Thursday, August 21, 2008

Visiting Falun - Sweden

Falun is mostly considered by tourists as a small town of Sweden that has nothing to offer. Well, it is not exactly like that and let us take a look why. Falun is a central Swedish city that has a population of just around 35 thousand people but they are very warm and we are talking about an impressive history and a lot of ambition.

Most tourists come to Falun because of it being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the Great Copper Mountain mining area. This location actually drew the first people to the country in the 17th century. We are talking about what was once the biggest copper mines in the world, a site that employed 12 thousand people and made a lot of money for Sweden.

Unfortunately, as time passed less and less visitors started coming to Falun. The main tourist flow is drawn exactly from the inclusion in the Heritage List in 2001. With this in mind it is plain to see why a lot of people think that only the copper mine is a tourist attraction here. This is not true as other attractions are available. Just as a quick example, you can visit the 19th century house located in Sundborn. This was the house of Karin and Carl Larsson, one of the most visited attractions in the country. You might also want to visit the Dalarna Museum of Falun while in the area.

Falun is one of the most beautiful cities in Sweden and it is a shame that tourists choose to neglect it. A lot of incredible landscapes that inspired painters for years can be seen and all you really need to do is book a vacation here to be amazed. One day can be enough for a lot of pleasant memories and some pictures you might want to frame.