Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cambridge Vacations - What To See And Do When You Visit Cambridge

When it comes to booking yourself Cambridge vacations, you can visit this very historic town at just about any time of year you want. This university city has lots of different things for you to see and do on your visit. It's easy to get to Cambridge. The city has good connections by road, rail or even air. You can fly in to Stansted airport and reach Cambridge in around twenty minutes.

However, do not expect to see everything of interest in just one day you will really need several to explore it. If you've seen everything you want to in Cambridge city, then you can always start to explore the myriad of places that are within easy reach.

The minds of people such as Charles Darwin and, more recently, Stephen Hawking, have been inspired by the city of Cambridge. If possible, you should endeavor to make the time to visit one of England's oldest universities. In fact, in 2009, this University will have been established for 800 years and so celebrations will take through out the year.

Along with wandering around the grounds of the various seats of learning in the city, there are plenty of other things that one can do. There is a top class shopping centre together with a wide range of bars, cafes and restaurants. As for accommodation, there is something to suit all budgets, from luxury hotels through to guesthouses and bed and breakfast houses as well. And if you're really pressed for cash, you can check out the hostels and camp sites as well.

If you like festivals and similar events, make sure to check your calendar so that you can time your visit to match up with your favorite one. From Shakespeare Season that is held in the gardens of the College during the summer to recitals and concerts which take place in the churches in the city and also in the College chapels.

If you're looking for "culture" during your vacation, you've come to the right place. However, if you want a little more activity there are plenty of leisure facilities available in the city as well. For a leisurely or competitive game of golf, there are at least two top quality golf courses for you to test. There is Cambridge Lakes Golf Course (9-hole par 3) and the much more well established Gog Magog Golf Club.

However, if you are bringing children with you to the City then there are plenty of places for them to enjoy as well. Just a few miles away from Cambridge is the Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey. You can have a great day out no matter how young or old you are. You'll discover how our farming has developed over the years and how farming has changed with it.

Above we have looked at few attractions and things that one can do when you stay in Cambridge. Certainly, you may find that a weekend's stay is not sufficient to take in everything that this historic and beautiful city has to offer you.

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