Saturday, October 11, 2008

Consider Crewed Charter Yachts For Your Next Hawaii Yacht Charters

How and where would like to spend your next vacation? Have you considered hiring a yacht? Yacht charter vacations are some of the most breathtaking and memorable vacations ever. The locations are endless. If you live in a cooler climate you could hire a yacht near a warm tropical island. The types of yachts available are also quite varied. There are small vintage yachts to the very large and luxurious modern marvels.

The Captain & Crew

Most charter companies provide fully crewed charter yachts. The captain and crew are all very skilled and well trained. At least they should be. You should check online with the various companies that do yacht charter vacations and they will normally have the resumes of each of the crew accessable for you to consider. Chefs that have been trained in Cordon Bleu quality schools will also be preparing your world class meals.

The Yacht

The yacht you choose will depend on the size of your family or group that will be traveling with you. Your yacht decision will also depend on your preference and your budget. The particular yacht you choose may or may not be available in the location you would like to spend your vacation. While looking online and comparing prices and fees you will find pictures of each of the charters. There should be floor plans of the yacht also. It will include the specs and what equipment is available.


Some yacht charter holidays are for large groups and you will be meeting new people. The yacht generally has several guest quarters with private baths. Frequently there will only be one master cabin. The master cabins will have the better views and larger baths but will be more expensive. The crew’s cabins are usually located on the lower decks and the highly trained crew is careful to be only visible whilst serving you.


Yacht charter vacations can be almost anywhere in the world your budget allows. South Florida yacht charters and Hawaii yacht charters are renown both for weather, fishing and beauty. Both of these destinations offer a bounty of pastime activities. Deep sea fishing, water skiing, skin diving and swimming with the dolphins and sea turtles just to name a few.

But, there may be several areas you have never examined. Turkey is one of those locations. Marmaris yacht charters and Bodrum yacht cruises are both located on the coast of Turkey. They have marinas that are suitably located on the Aegean Sea and near the Mediterranean Sea. These are both picturesque destinations historically as well as visually. The clear azure seas are teaming with aquatic life, coral reefs, and ruins. The skin diving is incredible. The shopping in the small towns is a bargain hunter’s heaven.

Bon Voyage!

Whenever scheduling a trip, vacation or holiday, research and planning is key. Read the testimony available on most of the websites. Check with a colleague, friend or family member who may have hired a charter recently. Check the weather report. Whatever yacht and location you choose yacht charter vacations will not disappoint.

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