Monday, October 13, 2008

Flying During Off Peak Air travel Seasons will save you money

Travelers on a budget can save big by knowing what the peak air travel season is, and trying to avoid it! Peak air travel season sometimes is easy to figure. For example you might expect, the peak travel season to Hawaii, Bermuda, Arizona, Las Vegas, and the Caribbean is during winter months. Proving this the most expensive Airfare to Hawaii, for instance, is in Jan, Feb,Dec.

Airfares and travel including accomodation can be considerably discounted by simply following the theries in this atricle so read on and save money. Other destinations’ peak air travel seasons vary, depending on the location. Most are driven by the local climate. Generally speaking, when it is very, very cold or very, very hot at your destination, you will save money traveling there. This means that a trip to Europe during the dead of winter will be a bargain, and a trip to Italy, Arizona or Las Vegas during sweltering summer months will also be a bargain.

Holidays Events, Festivals with Conventions

Conventional wisdom is not always accurate, however, when it comes to air travel. Holidays and festivals are other factors that determine when a destination’s peak air travel season is. Mardi Gras in New Orleans is an excellent example of this phenomenon. Expect to pay a premium if you are visiting the city during the Mardi Gras celebration.

Likewise, New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas is one of the most expensive times of all to travel, because of its double-whammy. It is a warm weather destination during winter and having a reputation for throwing one of the best New Year’s Eve parties on earth. The off peak air travel season to Las Vegas is August, when fares drop and temperatures soar. Sporting events that create a peak air travel season include major PGA golf tournaments, like The Masters, and The PGA Championship. Other events include the Superbowl, NCAA playoffs, NBA playoffs and Major League Baseball’s World Series in October.

Stay on top of the events and conventions in your destination city. For example, travelers will be glad they steered clear of Denver during the Democratic National Convention. The Magic Show and the WSA Shoe Show are dates to avoid when visiting Las Vegas, because these conventions create a peak air travel season of their own in the fashion and footwear industries.

Flying Out of Season

all of the above information will give you an advantage by flying during the off-season. You have a shorter wait and the planes aren't as crowded, so this means you are more likely getting to your destination on schedule and in Budget.

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