Monday, October 13, 2008

Where To Find A Pet Friendly Bed And Breakfast In Oregon

Oregon has a lot to offer dog lovers with lots of great hiking trails and beaches. The city of Portland also hosts some important cat shows and even a ferret show. If you want to travel to these pet events with your pet competitors, you can make your trip more comfortable with a stay at one of the pet friendly bed and breakfasts in Oregon. Bed and breakfasts usually aren’t as crowded or smelly as a hotel or motel, either.

Non Smoking Bed And Breakfast In Oregon

Have you ever walked into a hotel room that claims to be non-smoking but it reeks of cheap cigars? If the smell bothers you, imagine how your pet will react. Also, if you are a non-smoker, you will have more of a chance at finding a pet friendly bed in breakfast in Oregon. Trying to clean out tobacco smell from fabrics is often a lost cause, but cleaning pet stains is easier.

Any Resident Animals?

One of the charming things when travelling is about small inns, whether on the Oregon coat, in the bustling city or deep in the heart of a pet friendly bed and breakfast in Texas, is that the owners will often have their pets living on the grounds. This can cause a problem if your dog loves to chase cats or if you are bringing a pet rat that might look like a scrumptious morsel to the bed and breakfast's resident carnivore. Be sure to ask if any animals are living at the pet friendly bed and breakfast in Oregon.

Internet Animal Communities

Pet lovers are a vocal and opinionated bunch, which helps you in selecting a pet friendly bed and breakfast in Oregon. By going to a pet forum on the internet or an internet pet product rating community like, you can find out quickly which lodgings have the best reputations.

If you have trouble finding such a forum or internet site, you could always go to a website like in order to do a quick search on all of the pet friendly bed and breakfasts in Oregon listed. They tend to be more of a comprehensive listing than what you would find in books or even the Yellow Pages.

Be sure that if you are taking a dog, the dog is well behaved and knows basic commands and is house broken. Your dog should be a canine ambassador in order for the both of you to have a good time and be safe.

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