Monday, December 22, 2008

Considering Virgin Islands Yacht Charter

Virgin IslandsYacht Charter

The beauty and freedom bare boat charters Virgin Islands is unparalleled. The water is crystal clear with gentle tropical winds and sunshine. Choosing the right charter is key to an enjoyable vacation.

Most reputable charter companies typically require evidence that the skipper has previous charter experience or is a boat owner of a similar size yacht. Operating a yacht generally needs at least a skipper and one competent crew member.

Then, the staff is professional and skilled, working hard to make your time on the water exceptional. Although BVI Yacht Charters oversees the operations of these charters, all of the yachts are privately owned. Even so, you can rest assured knowing that the boats are maintained to high standards and simply beautiful.

Fun Bareboat Charter Florida Keys

A Bare Boat Charter Florida Keys is another popular choice. The same applies when sailing around the Keys in that you will be treated like royalty. The charter company's staff that prepare the yacht for you are tremendously helpful. After all, this is their livelihood but also their passion so they want to be 100% confident that you will have an amazing time. People who have used Bare Boat Charter Florida Keys agree that there is nothing better.

Bare Boat Charter Caribbean

Of course, Bare Boat Charter Caribbean is another possibility. When it comes to a luxury vacation, it never gets better than this. It is important to know that when you take any of the Bare Boat Charters, you are getting years and years of experience. This means not only are you getting experience on the water but you are also getting the experience of sheer professionalism.

Charter a Caribbean bare boat catamaran or monohull yacht and sail the spectacular British Virgin Islands! Crewed or captain only sailing charters and ASA courses are available. Come to the islands and sail in comfort and style aboard one of the finest catamarans or monohull sailboats available for bare boat charters anywhere in the Caribbean!

Bare boat charter companies are dedicated to providing their clients with the most detailed information for Caribbean bareboat and crewed charters in the British Virgin Islands. In addition to looking over the extensive specs on each yacht other questions you should ask are: What's included in the charter and will there be additional costs? What to pack for a Caribbean sailing vacation; and what about booking flights to the Caribbean?

Bare boat charters are the best way of discovering the islands at your own pace. The Caribbean is the center of cruising activity with varied island locales as well as secluded bays and white sand beaches. A bare boat charter will rank at the top of your list of vacations.

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