Monday, December 1, 2008

Making Money With Your Timeshare

According to more and more people have started making money through vacation timeshares by selling the same to prospects. Buying a time share is the best luxury for those who can not buy an exclusive vacation home for themselves. Here's a really good reason you should know what status your points carry: You want to be able to trade with another unit - when and where you want to vacation. You don't want to have to go to the developer and purchase additional points at a higher fee. Timeshare is the territory of each resort across the world.

If you think about buying a timeshare to buy and then 'flip' you may want to rethink your plan. As a matter-of-fact, many timeshare sellers receive only around 50 to 75 per cent of the original timeshare value on sale. Many people find resale options better because of the exchange opportunity and also low cost compared to direct purchase.

The companies promote tour packages by arranging for short presentations and end hoping people to sign for their timeshare scheme. Many owners of timeshares don't prefer to place their timeshares up for an auction or an open bidding because they fear that they would loss too much money on their shares in such dealings. also points out that the concept of a timeshare is that more than one person, owns it at a time and uses it for a specified week every year.

Tips For Selling Timeshare:

Many times potential buyers of a timeshare unit want to know what the return on investment is. This is the wrong question to ask. Why is that? Becuase, how often does one ask what the return on investment is of a family vacation. Make sense? Do not, and I repeat, do not, purchase a timeshare with a return on investment in mind. For many timeshare owners if they look at timeshare ownership as a 'make money' proposition, then they could be disappointed. The idea behind selling timeshare is obviously to make money more than the actual price involved in buying it. For those who want to benefit from selling their timeshares, few tips are as follows:

1.A great thing about many timeshare companies is they are available across the world. Hence, timeshare buyers or owners may enjoy timeshare services anywhere, due to the point exchange programs. Some people consider a timeshare simply as a vacation condo. There are sellers, who try to sell timeshares for more the price than its actual value. They end with the compulsion for lowering the price. At times, timeshare packages are also available for water sports enthusiasts. Based on the market and the company, sellers may sell timeshares 20-30 per cent what the resort sells. Know the right time to part with your timeshare may give you a nice return on your initial investment.

2.    Choose proper company: Of the many timeshare companies, some are fraud. Do proper research on companies before advertising the timeshare. Check for companies, which offer to sell timeshares within specified time. Most companies claim for charge less than $50 for a particular ad. This is false. There is a plethora of timeshare resale companies which can help you to sell your timeshare in the event you don't use it or are ready to move on to other vacation alternatives. Before buying a timeshare from any real estate agent, buyers need to study the real estate market. Otherwise, there are chances for the buyer to fall in a trap. For instance, if the timeshare were surrounded by legal hassles, it would be difficult for the buyer to sell it later.

3.    Get proper exposure: Select a company, which exposes the timeshare to prospective buyers. This is because it has to be brought to the notice of people willing to buy. Be aware of frauds that claim high exposure in the market. Do this by searching for keywords related to timeshares in Google. Go through the rankings of the company on particular keywords to get a clear-cut picture of its influence in the timeshare sale market.

If you are in the timeshare market you may have asked yourself, "What Timeshare info do I need to know and what do I need to know about selling or purchasing a timeshare?"  Be sure to visit Thomas Sondheim's musings about Timeshares over at his blog.  Thomas Sondheim had many questions about Timeshare ownership several years ago when he became associated with the Timeshares industry.  It wasn't until Thomas realized the great benefits of Timeshares, that he became a fan of this unique real estate vacation opportunity. Visit for several free timeshare ebooks and free timeshare newsletter at

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