Monday, December 1, 2008

Enjoying London On The London Eye

The city of London, as well as being the capital of the country, has a large number of England's most popular visitor attractions. For generations London has been a popular vacation destination and much of this interest is due to the immensity of the historical buildings and the unique culture. While many of the visitor attractions found in London have a historic interest, such as the Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, there are many that are only recent additions, such as the London Aquarium, and the youngest of these is the London Eye.

Many still refer to the London Eye as the Millennium Wheel, the reason being that it was built to commemorate then end of the old millenium and celebrate the new. It was officially opened by the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in the evening of December 31 but, sadly, there were technical issues and it was not opened to the public until March 2000. Standing 135m above London it has become an unmistakable, and highly visible, landmark.

In 1895, in Earl's Court, was the Great Wheel of London, a giant Ferris Wheel which could carry around 1,600 people at a time. Unfortunately it was demolished in 1907 but today London has a replacement in the London Eye. Although it is not the largest Ferris wheel in the world it can legitimately claim to be the worlds largest cantilever observation tower!

Although the London Eye cannot carry as many people as the Great Wheel of London could it can manage to carry 25 people in each of its 32 capsules. In contrast to a Ferris wheel it is possible to get up and walk around in a pod but you may find that you want to sit down as it takes about half an hour for it to complete a full revolution.

Around 3.5 million people take a flight on the London Eye each year making it the most popular paid visitor attraction in London and the UK. The most common reason for taking a trip is to experience one of the finest views across London. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Hampton Court Palace and St Paul's are just a few of the many London landmarks you will see on your trip. One of the best views is of the Houses of Parliament which are so close that it would appear that they are just below.

The London Eye has proved to be a popular spot for marriage proposals and weddings and they now offer special wedding packages. When booking a flight it is also possible to book other things such as educational trips for small groups of students of all ages.

If you are planning a vacation to London or just a weekend break it is well worth taking the opportunity to take a ride on this incredible visitor attraction. If your time in London is limited it is a real time saver as you are able to take in nearly all of the most important London landmarks during the 30 minute trip which is impossible to do any other way (excluding a helicopter or balloon ride).

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